JASIS&T Latest Issue

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) is one of the most prestigious and influential peer reviewed journals in LIS and has been published continuously since 1950. Recently, JASIS&T has published the 12th issue of its 61 volume (December 2010). Titles of some papers appeared in this issue are:

Last but not least: Additional positional effects on citation and readership in arXiv,

Co-citation analysis, bibliographic coupling, and direct citation: Which citation approach represents the research front most accurately?

A comparison of two techniques for bibliometric mapping: Multidimensional scaling and VOS,

Power law distributions in information science: Making the case for logarithmic binning,

The effect of folder structure on personal file navigation,

Requirements and use of in-service information in an engineering redesign task: Case studies from the aerospace industry,

The effect of spelling and retrieval system familiarity on search behavior in online public access catalogs: A mixed methods study,

Member activities and quality of tags in a collection of historical photographs in Flickr,

Influences of users' familiarity with visual search topics on interactive video digital libraries,

Using structural information to improve search in Web collections,

A new context-dependent term weight computed by boost and discount using relevance information,

Adapting semantic natural language processing technology to address information overload in influenza epidemic management,

Sentiment in short strength detection informal text.

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