A Quick Look at 2010

This is probably the last post that I am writing in 2010. Perhaps, it would be a good time to take a quick look at what I have done during this year in my academic life. Thankfully, it was a fairly successful year for me and I managed to achieve some of my academic and research goals, though I still have a very long list of unfinished works! I think like many others I suffer from some sorts of academic procrastination and need to enhance my time management skills! But, luckily, the overall result is not too bad. As in addition to my usual works at the university including my teaching duties as a lecturer, and my administration jobs as the head of our small department, I completed some other tasks too. For example, I eventually completed my book entitled “Basics of Academic Writing” which was in my ‘to do list’ for more than two years. Moreover, I wrote a number of Persian and English papers including research articles, viewpoints, book reviews and brief notes. I also had several workshops on various subjects mainly on Academic Writing, Thesis Writing, Qualitative Research, Information Literacy, and Decision Making Skills in Research. Furthermore, I was member of some scientific committees in a number of national and international conferences and delivered a few speeches in some other academic and professional meetings. Reviewing journal papers is another task that I usually do, and I spent quite a long time in 2010 to review papers and research reports. Besides, I was the supervisor for three master dissertations and external examiner for a number of other thesis and dissertations. In the summer 2010 I visited the Department of Information Studies and Interactive Media at Tampere University, which was a very fruitful visit. Last but not least, I uploaded 140 posts on this weblog during year 2010. It means in average I updated my weblog twice a week, which is hopefully good enough! See you in 2011!


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