Journal of Informetrics

The first issue of the Journal of Informetrics in 2011 was published. These are some of the research papers in this issue:

PrestigeRank: A new evaluation method for papers and journals,

Approaches to understanding and measuring interdisciplinary scientific research(IDR): A review of the literature,

On the definition of forward and backward citation generations,

Towards a new crown indicator: Some theoretical considerations,

The measurement of low- and high-impact in citation distributions,

Structured evaluation of the scientific output of academic research groups by recent h-based indicators,

Bibliometric rankings of journals based on Impact Factors: An axiomatic approach,

Indicators of the interdisciplinarity of journals: Diversity, centrality, and citations,

The effects and their stability of field normalization baseline on relative performance with respect to citation impact: A case study of 20 natural science departments,

How and where the TeraGrid supercomputing infrastructure benefits science,

High- and low-impact citation measures: Empirical applications,

An approach for detecting, quantifying, and visualizing the evolution of a research field: A practical application to the Fuzzy Sets Theory field,

Gender differences in peer reviews of grant applications: A substantive-methodological synergy in support of the null hypothesis model,

A proposal for a First-Citation-Speed-Index,

Scientific collaboration and endorsement: Network analysis of co-authorship and citation networks,

Are researchers that collaborate more at the international level top performers? An investigation on the Italian university system.

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