Journal of Documentation: Vol. 66, No. 6

Journal of Documentation has published the 6th Issue of it 66th Volume. Titles of some papers in this issue are:

Documentary tools in everyday life: the wedding planner,

Opening and closing rituals of the virtual reference service of the Internet Public Library,

The individual and social dynamics of knowledge sharing: an exploratory study,

Managing documents at home for serious leisure: a case study of the hobby of gourmet cooking,

A multilevel model of HIV/AIDS information/help network development,

How poor informationally are the information poor?: Evidence from an empirical study of daily and regular information practices of individuals,

Carbon footprint of the knowledge sector: what's the future?

Findings of the last paper is very interesting: "... The current practices for production and distribution of printed knowledge products generate an enormous amount of CO2. It is estimated that the book industry in the UK and USA alone produces about 1.8 million tonnes and about 11.27 million tonnes of CO2 respectively. CO2 emission for the worldwide journal publishing industry is estimated to be about 12 million tonnes. It is shown that the production and distribution costs of digital knowledge products are negligible compared to the environmental costs of production and distribution of printed knowledge products."

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