Taming the Information Tsunami

The 53rd NFAIS Annual Conference will discuss Taming the Information Tsunami: The New World of Discovery. Main issues to explore in this meeting are:

How can content providers efficiently navigate the information tsunami to provide scholars and researchers with the reliable, relevant information that deserves their time and attention - no matter what the source or format?

How does that information get filtered, made consumable, and incorporated into workflows?

What roles can semantic search, image search and the social graph play in finding the specific information that users want?

Who is improving the overall search experience with touch technologies, predictive tools and personalized search?

How can large volumes of information across all media be acquired, processed and transmitted to an increasingly mobile and collaborative global research community?

Where is that content stored - on the desk, shelves, servers or in the Cloud?

And what new business practices are emerging that are in sync with the delivery of data "chunks" and expectations for reuse of content?

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