Reading Octagon

Recently I suggested a simple and tentative conceptual framework about the effectiveness of reading process. I called this framework the “Reading Octagon”, as it has eight components including:

Independent and Continuous Reading

Appropriate and Balanced Reading

Diverse and Recreational Reading

Authentic and Complementary Reading

Parallel and Symmetrical Reading

Coherent and Consistent Reading

Critical and Meticulous Reading

Efficient and Productive Reading

I think a successful reader who is a lifelong learner usually passes these stages in her/his reading process. I know some of these phrases might seem a bit ambiguous or even odd, but I have specific definition for each element. To make them clear, hopefully, I’ll explain each one in the near future. However, I had an interview with LISNA and illustrate each element in more details. To read the interview, please take a look at this link.

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